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Our Collection


Minimalist. Chic
The Vanquish design creates a kitchen with presence, soul and performance, whilst maintaining the bold minimalist lines of contemporary exquisite architecture.

Vanquish effortlessly integrates the refined and natural finishes into one piece of stunning architecture when brought together into the room space.
Available in an extensive range of finishes and colours, Vanquish will showcase the brilliance of textures, materials and colour choices.

Vanquish Range


Seamless, minimal sophistication with exquisite handles
Our Contemporary kitchens are built around timeless simplicity of the exquisitely made slab doors,finished with our statement front fitting handles. The elegance of this stunning kitchen is bold and powerful, with the beautiful selection of front fitting handles creating personalisation of your own within your room space.

Contemporary design is recognized for its’ seamless sophistication and beautiful simplicity. The minimalist cabinetry ensures a striking yet inviting aura that will stand the test of time.
Contemporary Range


Iconic. Timeless. Elegant
The Shakers’ dedication to hard work and perfection has resulted in a unique range of furniture style that has stood the test of time. Shaker style cabinets feature functional form and thoughtful proportion, with recessed panels and minimal adornments, reflecting the minimalistic, timeless design style of the Shakers.

The unlimited range of paint colors enables flexibility to form a traditional or contemporary take on the Shaker kitchen.
Shaker Range

Original Classic

Timeless design accompanied by character and elegance
Original Classics have been designed to feature intricate detailing and design form that will enhance beauty and establish lasting character within your home.

The unlimited range of paint colours enables flexibility to create warm splendor and luxury within your home.
Original Classic Range